Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Must Try: Sweet Potato Chicken Mexican Lasagna

Here is the second recipe I tried this week.. FAnnetastic Food Sweet Potato Chicken Mexican Lasagna. And let me say this is a MUST try. Anne said her husband said it was "good enough to serve in a restaurant". Keith and I could not agree more. It was amazing!! I'm craving more of it as we speak. The recipe made a lot, so we are happy to be eating these left overs this week.

 Cheers, Whitney

Monday, December 9, 2013

Meatless Monday & Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap
Keith and I had our final 2013 wedding this weekend!!! SEVEN weddings this year. I can't believe it, and I can't believe non of them overlapped. I'm so glad we got to make the trip back to Ohio for all of them and be a part of all of their special days!

This weekend Keith's college and fraternity brother got married. We questioned the trip with the ice/snow storm coming in Friday; luckily Keith's boss let him leave early Thursday and we made the trip up before any bad weather came. Phew. Driving in bad weather is very stressful.

We stayed with our friends Tonjia and Steven, who will be getting married next year! We spent Friday with friends and Saturday was the wedding. It snowed quite a bit so it was really pretty and not too cold!!

It was amazing to see college friends and celebrate a friend's marriage!

Andie's Cincinnati adventures... She absolutely LOVED the snow! She was definitely loved on all weekend. People were more excited to meet her then see us!

 We unfortunately got a flat tire on our way home Sunday morning. Andie was NOT happy about it. Our trip home ended up being 11 hours. It was a very long, stressful, exhausting day. But thankful that everyone is safe and we made it home!

Meatless Monday

We needed groceries desperately today. I wanted to try a few new recipes this week that I have been eyeing and this meatless chili option sounded perfect for this raining, cold Monday. You can find the recipe here,  Hummusapien Sweet-Potato-Bean-Chili. It was delicious and warmed us right up. Keith was very skeptical of this chili (probably too many vegetables) but he enjoyed it and said it was a must-have-again!

 Cheers, Whitney

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Thankful Project: Day 28

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Ya'll!! Sadly this brings an end to my Thankful Project. I loved the challenge and finding more depth to my posts! I hope you all enjoyed.

What were your Thanksgiving plans?
We celebrated with Keith's parents this past weekend. Thanksgiving day we ran a 5k Turkey Trot in Findlay. This is our first time doing it. Despite the chilly weather it was alot of fun! My sister and Keith are ran it with me.

We had thanksgiving lunch at my mom's parents. Dinner at my dad's parents. Holidays are always packed with lots of family and great food! I'm thankful that Keith can take the time off work/work from home so we can spend the holidays with our families.

We got back to Charlotte last night. It was a quick trip home and we are glad to be back. Last weekend we finally got our puppy!! So the week was hectic, trying to care and train a puppy while traveling and visiting family! I'm glad to be home and to get her on a little bit of a schedule. The puppy is too cute for words and we are already in love!!

Andie, our little girl.

She got a lot of interaction with dogs this trip!! She loves to play and let all that puppy energy out.

She slept the ENTIRE seven hour drive yesterday!! We are very thankful for that. She will be our travel warrior.

After a week, she finally got to meet her kitty brother, Sonny! They seemed to really hit it off already. 

Cheers, Whitney