About Me

Welcome to A Small Pickle! I am a Registered Dietitian and a newlywed. We have just moved to Charlotte, NC. We are still discovering our way around being married and the new life we have here. We moved from Ohio- where most of our family and friends still live. We have really enjoyed the move so far. We love trying out new restaurants, meeting new people, and exploring the beautiful outdoors here.

While I am a Registered Dietitian and have a love for being fit and healthy, it isn't always easy. I struggle- or find myself in a pickle- daily trying to fight unhealthy urges. I try to make the best choices for myself and my body. Throughout my practice and education I've come to live by the words of ‘balance’.  Balancing the foods you want to indulge in and where you can cut back (aka- what meals I can can make healthier without compromising my husbands taste buds). Balancing working out and keeping the enjoyment of physical activity. Balancing caring for your body and overdoing it, causing harm.

I chose the blog name "A Small Pickle" because the goal of my blog is to share the pickles we face everyday and how we can overcome them. The small comes from my height- I am five feet tall and will be sharing my view from down here! I will share recipes, health/fitness tips, and the daily adventures of being a newlywed in a new city!
Questions? Contact me at asmallpickle@gmail.com!


  1. My husband and I moved to NYC from Ohio - it's exciting to see another Ohio couple pursuing new things! :)


    1. Wow that is a big move. It's so fun & exciting stepping out on your own with your husband. Hope you are enjoying it out there!!