Wednesday, July 24, 2013

After College Funk

My most recent pickle.. Where do I go from here?
God bless him, my husband works really hard and takes very good care of me! To become a RD, I had to complete a year-long internship and then had to study for my boards. Therefore I have not worked in a while and am currently on the grueling job hunt for my 'big girl job'! Resulting, my recent weeks have consumed of a lot of Netflix and reading by the pool.

This is my current read. Usually I go for something a little more enjoyable and light. However I have read all of my books and am waiting on my library card to come in the mail! Nerd alert! Through my RD internship I never had that epiphany moment where I was like 'yes this is exactly what I want to do'. So I have really been struggling with where I see my career down the road. After reading through some of the chapters I know that I am not ready to go off on my own yet but it is definitely something my husband and I would like to venture out and do someday.

While reading by the pool is enjoyable.. I do get very bored. My poor husband has his phone blown up by texts, emails, pictures, and snap chats all day long. And I pounce on him as soon as he gets home, dying for some attention. Throughout college I always had at least two jobs, then my internship was daily from 9am-5pm, and when I studied for my exam I tried to do 5-7 hours a day!! When I wasn't at my internship I was planning my wedding, so I rarely had down time. Now that all of those are over and have yet to find a job.. I get restless.
Here are my pros and cons of that slum in-between school and applying for jobs-
  • Started my blog
  • I love having time to read
  • I have a nice tan 
  • Our apartment is really clean
  • Finances.. I'm very familiar with the word 'budget'
  • Bored
  • Lonely
  • Would love to meet more people- find some co-worker friends
  • When I don't have a working routine I become lazy
Luckily it is another beautiful day here in Charlotte! The pool is screaming my name and hopefully a nice bike ride with Keith tonight.

Question(s) of the Day:
What are some great books you have read recently?
Have you ever struggled with where you wanted to take your career?

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  1. What's meant to be will be! That's what everyone tells me when I go to my interviews. If its not the right job for me then I won't get it. When the right opportunity for you comes you will get it! Keep your chin up! Love you! You will do amazing at anything you do!