Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away... It worked!

How's everyone's weekend?! Friday we went to dinner with some good Charlotte friends. We wanted to sit outside, grab a few drinks and appetizers. So we went to this restaurant called, Brazwells. It was beautiful outside and we enjoyed the company. I got to enjoy my favorite North Carolina Beer, Shotgun Betty. It's so delicious. It's similar to a Blue Moon. My husband and I shared zucchini fries and buffalo shrimp.. Yes more buffalo, I know I know but it was really good! We will definitely be back. The atmosphere is really laid back and good eats, my kind of place!!

We got a lot of rain here on Saturday. What a bummer! I had big plans for this weekend, since it was my first weekend in Charlotte in two weeks- I wanted to take a bike ride, a trip to the park, get some natural sun and vitamin D.. I was so sad Saturday when I woke up to the rain gushing down.We tried to make the best of it- we went to target and Trader Joe's. I have a new obsession with Trader Joe's!! Since I just went grocery shopping we didn't get much but we wanted to compare some prices with the local grocery we go to now. To see what changes would could make to our cooking ingredients or other things we eat! We thought it was very similar priced, so I will definitely be going back in the next few weeks. They had some samples to try and I got some good dinner ideas, keep your eye out!!

I've heard so many wonderful things about this, so we had to try it! And...well it definitely lived up to all the hype!! YUM!

Saturday night we went to dinner- we had a gift card to use and we went to Red Lobster! I love shrimp and of course their rolls are sinfully delightful. We came home, watched a movie and snugged on the couch.

Sunday I woke up and yes the sun was shining!! Woohoo. We went to church, ate a quick lunch and went to the pool. It was a hot one here but it was so much better than the rain.

Quick lunch- Whole wheat toast, one egg and one egg white with some cheddar cheese.

To top off the great weekend we walked on the Sugar Creek green way!! We can get to the green way it from our street. It is only a mile and half from our apartment and it leads into Freedom Park. I love it!! You get a great view of the city without feeling like you are uptown. In the spring we would go at least every weekend, one week we went 3 times! My favorite part of it is seeing all the dogs out! I want a puppy so bad, so I like to stop and swoon over all the puppies!!

AND we got ice cream!! We went to a local place called Elizabeth's Creamery. We got a two dip and eat picked a flavor- I picked oreo (one of my weaknesses) and he choose cookie dough. It was a perfect way to cool off after our hot walk.

Question of the day:
What is your favorite way to cool down in the summer?
Water, watermelon, and ice cream are my picks!! Or how about a jump in the pool?

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  1. That park is amaze! So glad the rain stopped for your fabulous weekend. YUM that ice cream sounds so good!