Monday, July 29, 2013

Big Moves as Newlyweds

Keith and I started house hunting! We are very excited to start this journey. We are still very new to Charlotte, but have a general area of where we would like to move. We looked at a few houses tonight. We don't plan on moving until March but wanted to start early and see some of the neighborhoods so we can get familiar with the area. Which was our main focus for this first hunt. This is also a big move for us because we have been contemplating moving home and our commitment to Charlotte- if we buy a house we are making a commitment to stay in North Carolina for at least a few years. Ahhh big stuff! We had a great night and are giddy with excitement.

Our checklist for a house includes:
  • Safe, nice neighborhood
  • Fenced in backyard, or one that could eventually be fenced in.. (in my mind, house = puppy!!)
  • Nice, roomy kitchen- preferably updated
  • 3 bedrooms and a bonus room
  • Back porch
Today I also finished a book!! It was recommended by one of my best friends Anna, check her out here Striding Out Blog. She is a book worm like me. She suggested I read Mirror Image by Sandra Brown. It was SO good! Suspenseful and gives you a little Fifty Shades of Grey taste. I will definitely be picking up some more Sandra Brown books at the library this week.

Question of the day:
What are/were your checklists for a house?


  1. Holy Smoke she has a blog? I had no clue!!! Thank god! Yay for house hunting!!! That's sooo exciting! :) Did you see any that you liked or liked the area at least?

    1. Yes, we saw some great neighborhoods where we would could see ourselves settling down. It's a lot to think about though!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Whit! Glad you loved the book. Excited that you are house hunting!!