Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Food Weaknesses

Last night after house hunting for about 4 hours, it was 9 pm and we hadn't eaten dinner. So we resourced to fast food on the way home. Keith wanted Chick-fil-a and I so cannot resist their fries. It got me thinking about my other bad-food weaknesses. Foods that once you start thinking about them, you have to fulfill the craving.

Chick-fil-a fries- The soft yummy waffle fries!

Ice cream- It used to be my favorite food. I worked at a ice cream drive in for 6 years, needless to say it was heaven but it also burnt me out. But if anyone ever offers me the chance to go, I will never say no!!

My sister and I at Archie's Too Drive In.

Oreos- I blame this obsession on husband. He always has to have Oreos in the house and now I can't get enough. Double Stuf Oreos and milk to be exact. I was craving them so bad the other night (hadn't had any since before we got married in May) but the last few were stale.. dipped them in milk and couldn't even tell. HA, yikes.
Even though I don't have kids, this cracks me up.

Nutella- Um no explanation here. The worst part is that they advertise it as a 'healthy' breakfast condiment when in fact it is high in sugar and fat. I do not recommend eating it for breakfast!

Pizza- Again, I will never turn down pizza. The problem is I can never just have one piece. It's one of Keith and I's favorite food, so any sign of suggesting it means were getting it! My ultimate choice is stuffed crust pizza with pepperoni. My health conscious mind chooses pizza loaded with veggies and thin crust.

A must have in Chicago.. Gino's East of Chicago Pizza!! 

Question of the day:
What are your food weaknesses?


  1. I love pizza, but for choice of fast food (because pizza is its own food group, right?), I usually pick McDonalds. Their soft serve cone can't be beat and I love their fries. Oh I want some right now!

  2. Oh goodness this post made me starving and want all my favorite unhealthy foods!! I had McDonalds last night because I wanted to play the monopoly. Oops! Haha! :)

  3. Pizza is definitely my weakness! I can eat four pieces myself and still not have a tummy ache. That is pretty amazing for me...