Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Making the Switch

Snack of the day:
Pico De Gallo- delicious & fresh!
Red onions
Lime juice
With whole grain tortilla chips!

For dinner:
We grilled turkey burgers! Burgers are my favorite food. So when we were advised by some of our friends to try switching to turkey meat instead of red meat, I was a little apprehensive. But I was pleasantly surprised. They are definitely lighter on your stomach and taste amazing!! I have begun switching the ground beef in my recipes with ground turkey too. You literally cannot taste the difference.

No buns at home but improvised with some whole wheat bread. 

Don't get me wrong I love a good juicy steak or cheeseburger but too much red meat in your diet can be harmful. Red meat usually is higher in fat and cholesterol. You want to make sure you are choosing lean sources of meat.
For beef you want to choose 'select' or 'choice' grades trimmed of fat and 'round' or 'loin' cut of meat. Make sure you look at the percentages too... Aim for 90% lean and 10% fat. The less fat % and the higher the % lean is better. When I purchase ground round, I try to get 95% lean, 5% fat.

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