Friday, October 18, 2013

Moving Day

The day has finally arrived!! & very quickly! I have spent all hours of the day at the house; painting, packing, unpacking, you name it!! And my diet has consisted of apples, pizza, chips and guacamole!
Our big project this week was to paint the living room before the couch came. Our kitchen, breakfast nook and living room are all open so we are painting it all on color. We still have a ways to go but finished what we needed to!!

I painted these next two walls all by myself while Keith was at work!! I no idea where the motivation and energy came from.. granted it took me four an half hours. But i'm glad it found me. I'm proud of myself and relieved we got it done in time!

Very exciting time but also very stressful. I'm hoping after having Keith home for the weekend we can settle in and finally relax. 
How has your week been?

Cheers, Whitney

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