Sunday, October 6, 2013

Run like a girl

I did it!! I completed my first 10k!! Next stop, half marathon!
We got in to Columbus, OH around 10pm on Firday. So I was able to get some good sleep before the 8 am race!! 
It was an all woman race. It was amazing to see so many women runners! So many groups of women there supporting and running with each other. The weather was perfect too- cloudy and cool morning.
I have never been so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal. I felt so good the whole run! My goal was to do it in an hour and I did it in an 1:02:37!!

Keith was again my photographer and awesome cheerleader!!

Look at all these amazing women!!

My free bottle of Fancy Pants wine!!

Question of the day:
What is a goal you've accomplished that you felt amazing about?

Cheers, Whitney

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