Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Saving lives one run at a time

Yesterday on my 5 mile run for my half marathon training.. I had just crossed a fork in the road and had about two miles to go. I heard this woman yelling at me over my headphones and running towards me. At first thought I might have ran out in front of her and she was coming to yell at me! She was really upset and said she just saw her neighbors puppy running through the neighborhood and out on the main road (where I was running). I told her I would look out for the puppy and return it if I found it.
Well it didn't take me long to see the puppy. It was running through the street, with about 3 women running after it!!!! Since I was the only one in running gear I was keeping up & finally, after two, luckily nonfatal, darts in the road. A woman parked her car and got out. The dog stopped in front of her and I snuck up right behind it and got its collar!! Since the woman had a truck, and she seemed trust worthy I let her drive the dog back to the owner.
I was so happy the pup didn't get hit and it was safely returned to the owner!!! I would hope someone would do that for me.

The dog chase didn't even damper my time too bad!

Question of the day:
What would you have done?

Cheers, Whitney

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  1. Awww I would love you forever if you got my dog back for me! I'm sure they were so grateful! :)