Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Calling all blogger friends!

Hello fellow bloggers.
I am completely technologically incompetent. It's really sad. Just yesterday even, I wanted to update my iPhone like the rest of America.. tried and failed! Simply no surprise. One trip to Verizon and my husband fiddling on the computer, thankfully it was resolved!
But anyway on to my purpose of this post.. I have been reading/following a lot more amazing blogs this week and want to make the most of mine too! I really want to revamp, make a blog buttons, show other's blogger buttons, etc. on my blog. I have tried to make my own blog button myself and just can't get it right. Do any of you have suggestions, tips, links or someone I can hire to do it for me?!

Any and all help appreciated. Thank you!!

Cheers, Whitney

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