Thursday, September 5, 2013

Born & Raised Tour

The John Mayer concert was last night, at the same venue we saw Matchbox Twenty. This concert was my birthday present! My birthday was in May so this has been a long wait but so worth it. 
Let me start off saying the trip to the venue was anything but peachy... It took us an extra 25 minutes to get there because of traffic and I was not being very patient. We had to park far away. We still had to pick up our tickets at will call. The yummy brews I brought needed a bottle opener, which we did not have. It was smoking hot out.

But Keith turned my night around instantly..We usually just get lawn tickets- cheaper and you still get a decent view. Well Keith surprised me and got us some seat tickets!! We were in the 11th row and had a great view! They were absolutely perfect and I was SO surprised. Best husband ever!

Phillip Phillips opened for him and I have heard a few of his popular songs and love them. We were pleasantly surprised with him live! He reminded us a lot of Dave Matthews, whom we love as well! We are now definitely Phillip Phillips fans. 

These pictures do not give our seats justice. We were 11 rows from the front. They were perfect!

John of course did not disappoint. This was easily both our favorite concert. He sang all his goodies and performed flawlessly.. yes I'm a little obsessed. 

Even my book I have been reading mentioned him yesterday. 
From the book- Clearly I Didn't Think This Through. 

This was the only picture I got of us!! I asked a woman, using an iPhone mind you, to take it. She tried once and said it was too dark... gee thanks. I like it when people take a few or at least try to take a good one. And I try to do the same for others. Anyway.. This selfie turned out pretty good :)

Serenading us on the piano!

He actually announced more tour dates yesterday for this fall/winter so we are thinking about going again this year!! 

Cheers, Whitney

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  1. Wow what a sweet surprise!!! Those seats are awesome!!! Looks like a lot of fun! :) I loved Phillip Phillips on American Idol! :)