Friday, September 13, 2013

My Favorite

I have a few blogs that I read that post about their favorites that week or currently.. Weather it's food, clothes or beauty products. Keith always makes fun of me because I say "That's my favorite.." about everything. I have a favorite black shirt, my favorite jeans that I wear with tennis shoes, every song is my favorite song, my favorite cup, okay I think you get it...
So this week my favorites are...

Fall TV shows coming back on!

X factor, Sons of Anarchy and BETHENNY all premiered this week.

I love Bethenny! She is such an inspiration- she has great style, an entrepreneur, a loving mother, says it like it is and freaking hilarious. She is 'calling all her girls' for this talk show and wants to focus on women. I'm excited to see what all show this brings.

Safe Haven
I mean what girl doesn't like a good love story from Nicholas Sparks? And even though it is already a movie I really wanted to read the book first, and it was definitely worth it. It was so good!!! Without a doubt worth the read whether you have seen the movie or not. 
Avocado Clay Mask
I have oily skin and have been in the sun a lot this summer to keep my skin healthy and soft I love this face mask. It's cheap and feels amazing! Sometimes I shower at night and I like to put the mask on a few minutes before I get in the shower.

Wake me up
My most recent jam. Avicii- Wake me up I haven't listened to anything else from Avicii, but whenever this song comes on the radio..I crank it up!

White after Labor Day?!
What are your rules after labor day? I say forget it!! It's still 90 degrees in North Carolina and I want to wear my cute white shorts!!

Yoga in the Park
Yoga under the blue sky and fresh air. Events like this make me love living in the city. Check out more about it here!

Blog Reads of the Week
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Question of the day:
What are your favorites this week?

Cheers, Whitney

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