Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Adventures

Today I woke up early for my distance run! When I got home Keith surprised me and said we could go kayaking or paddle boarding at the White Water Center, so off we went!! For their Labor Day event it was a full house but not too crowded! There was a wait for the paddle board and I was a little exhausted from my run so we decided to flat water kayak! It was so much fun. We didn't take our phones because we knew we would get wet. I saw so many picture worthy sights though, so maybe next time :)

We ended staying for a few more hours and watched the 'Second Annual' make your own raft. It was so cool to watch! The rules were you could build your own raft with anything that wouldn't cause harm to anyone, ex. nails, wood, and you couldn't strap yourself in. It was fun to watch them and surprisingly some did really good!

Wet, sweaty and burnt but happy with my microbrew.

The regular rafters! We are dying to try it now.

Cool Running's theme. We also saw a USA spaceship, Gilligan's Island, Ghostbusters, Elf.

Our four pm pick me up!

Keith's dad last minute decided to come see us and took us out to dinner at Red Rocks Cafe. I got shrimp and scallop fresco.. Amazing!

I hope tomorrow brings more yummy food and adventures!! 

Question of the day:
What adventure's has this Labor Day held for you?

Cheers, Whitney

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  1. Looks like you had a great Sunday!!! So much fun!! :) Your dinner looks amazing! Yum!