Friday, September 27, 2013

My Favorite!

This week's favorites..

Heads Up
We played this a lot over the weekend! It's a lot of fun to do with with a big group. I mean anything Ellen does it amazing & hilarious!!
Ellen and Owen Wilson- Heads Up

Working from Home
Keith got to work from home on Wednesday and I loved it!! It's always nice to have him around during the day. Sonny loved it too :)

Skinny Dip
Rated as a great summer read but I have to say it's a good fall read too! Kept me intrigued until the very end!!

Whitewater Center
Last night was the last night that the Whitewater Center had Thursday night River Jam. We have been before in August to see Red Wanting Blue. It was an amazing time. We wanted to go again before it was over this year! We didn't know the band this time but they were really good. A folk, country style. It was the most beautiful night! We already looking forward to next year's River Jams!!

As seen above. I think it's still a great look for the fall! Here are some Pinterest inspired styles.

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Question of the day:
What are your favorites this week?

Cheers, Whitney

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  1. I love heads up!! So much fun!!! I love your outfit with the fedora for the river jam evening! :) have a great weekend whit!!!