Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sweet Potato Cheese Crisps

First of all today is the most beautiful day!! I am loving the cooler weather. I had a nice 4.5 mile run this morning and the cool breeze felt amazing.

Keith's parents were just here and even though they like to take us out while they visit. I still like to have options and some munchies to snack on. They were supposed to stay until Monday but they ended up leaving Sunday afternoon. They like dips and I always want to try something new so... Keith and I decided on Chile con Queso dip and Sweet Potato Cheese Crisps! I saw this recipe sweet potato recipe and I HAD to try. Healthy and minimum ingredients, my kinda recipe.
Since they left early they will be missing out on these goodies!! I only have made the sweet potato bites so far but check back for the queso!

Sweet Potato Cheese Crisps- Recipe found at Carrots n Cake-So Cheesy
(I used Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning, instead of rosemary.)

They definitely missed out!

Question of the day:
When you have visitors what do you have on hand?

Cheers, Whitney

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