Sunday, September 1, 2013

Training update

Since I missed distance day last Sunday, from too much wedding fun! I had to get back on track this week. I decided to re-read the training tips.. ya the long typed out part that I didn't read earlier thoroughly earlier. But it helped me feel more confident and more prepared to start my 4th week of training.

Monday stretching- felt great. (I didn't want to do my distance that I missed because I didn't want it to mess up this week of training)
Tuesday 3.5 miles- easy breezy
Wednesday strength training- did some weight intervals at home
Thursday 3.5 miles- Woof. This was a rough one. And I've ran 3 or more miles about 6 times throughout my training so far, so I was so confused. I had been doing them with ease and shaving time off. But this time I felt tired. I couldn't concentrate. I was a mess. It was not necessarily that my body was tired and sore but my mind was not in it. It made it mentally and physically hard to get through. Do any of my runner readers have advice to get over a day like this?!
Friday day of REST- woop woop
Saturday 45 min bike ride- Keith joined me. I love having a partner and it was the most beautiful morning! We just road around the neighboring neighborhoods. Its pretty hilly where we live so it gives us a little bit of a challenge.
Sunday Distance day, 5 miles!- I woke up early to run outside. My first run outside this training. I have my 5k coming up so I wanted to get some practice on the roads. For my longest run ever and my lack of running experience I surprisingly think I did great! Definitely shorter mile times than what I have been doing on the treadmill.
My splits-
Mile 1- 10:53, walked a little trying to get my pandora groove on!
Mile 2- 7:47
Mile 3-9:21
Mile 4- 9:49
Mile 5- 8:50

Total miles: 65.13
Total time: 11 hrs, 1 min, 52 sec

Cheers, Whitney

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