Monday, August 26, 2013

Wentz Wedding

One of my best friends from high school and since 6th grade got married this weekend!! She has been dating this guy since high school! High school sweethearts, how rare and special :)
I was so honored to be by her side this weekend and she was the most beautiful bride!! She didn't let any of get a glimpse of her wedding dress until that day! It was so her and perfect.

We got to my house Thursday night. Friday I spent time at home, lunch with my mom and step dad and got ready for the rehearsal dinner. After the rehearsal dinner we decorated the reception area! It all came together great.
..I tried to stick with my running plan this weekend. Friday did a 40 min/ 7 mile bike ride by my house. Riding around on the country roads was a breath of fresh air and felt amazing! When it came around to Sunday's run though it just did not happen.. feeling pretty bad about it but hopefully I can make it up this week! Wedding recovery and traveling just takes it out of me!

Saturday we were up bright and early to get our hair done! Everyone looked great and we all loved our up-dos. We enjoyed snacks, champagne and laughs.

Let the wedding festivities begin!!

Our GORGEOUS (but heavy) bouquets!

Sunday we went to have lunch with my dad and celebrate his birthday that is September 5th. I loved spending time with him and his girlfriend. My mom and her sent me home with lots of fresh goodies!!

Random traveler thoughts..
While I was traveling I realized that I brought lots of red and pink home with me. Do you ever realize that all week you've been wearing the same color?! I must have been in a red, romantic mood!
By the way.. I have heard if you are packing for a long trip it is best to find a color scheme so that you can mix and max your wardrobe throughout the trip. However this time was not intentional!

Ride to Ohio.

My outfit for hair salon.

Rehearsal dinner outfit. (I really slacked with pictures this trip!! This is the only shot I got for the rehearsal.)

2. When you travel as much as we have this summer.. you really start to take note and realize gas prices. Look at this gas price gem we found in Virginia!! $3.09

Question of the day:
How was your weekend?!!
Hopefully you did something outside, it was the most beautiful weekend!

Cheers, Whitney

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  1. What a beautiful weekend it was!! Loved seeing you!! :)