Thursday, August 1, 2013

Travel Rituals

I always start packing a few days in advance and always make lists. I'm a very organized person but also very forgetful. So if it doesn't make it on the list then it probably won't make it in my bag. I always start with the outfits- what am I going to need, what are we doing, what's the weather forecast... I try to be conscious of not packing more than I need. Especially when I'll be sharing a room with others.. especially girls. Our things add up fast!!

Then I prepare my snacks the day before and clean our apartment! I love coming home to a vacuumed carpet, fresh sheets, and no clutter. It also makes Monday less daunting. Since we have been traveling so much I really like to pack meals so we can spend less money and eat healthier. This is what I'm bring for my trip down to Nashville. 
--Melon with some strawberries, chipotle pretzels, half a peanut butter sandwich, banana and an apple! Usually I like to have some veggies- but we ran out this week!! 

These are a must try!! Especially with hummus or guacamole.

Last and most importantly, I always have to double check for my Garmin, iPhone charger, AAA card and id. Those are my travel essentials!! And you have to remember all the things you use day of.. Such as make up, hair dryer, toothbrush, etc. And before you know it my car is jam packed for one weekend!

My awesome car tote! My cat, Sonny, thinks it's his new bed!

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  1. Hahaha! Yum that car riding snack looks good!! My snacks include dried fruits packs, baked BBQ chips, and Diet coke!!! Haha!!