Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Get me to the beach!

First of all I had a terrible case of insomnia this morning. I woke up at 3 am and could not fall back asleep!! So I drank my coffee and got started on my day early. I applied to a few jobs and took Keith to work since we have big plans this evening. Then, I ran 3 miles at our apartment complexes gym (I swear the pool and gym are the ultimate bonuses of renting) and did some more errands that I didn't get accomplished yesterday.

I was totally doing this when I first woke up... If I fall back asleep now I can still get a few hours, then one hour, then forget it!

Tonight Keith and I are going to a Matchbox Twenty and Goo Goo Dolls concert!! I LOVE Matchbox Twenty, ever since their 'Yourself or Someone Like You' album. 3am is one of my top favorite songs! They better play it! I enjoy both of their 90's hits best.
The best part is that the tickets went on sale over the 4th of July weekend so they were $12 each! Winner winner chicken dinner. I'm really excited to go to a concert down here too and check out the amphitheater.

In my insomniatic state I was thinking of all the cute outfits I could wear to the concert and.... it's raining!! So that means a messy pony tail, tank, shorts and flip flops that I don't care about. We have lawn seats, which is cheap and fun! But not ideal when it's raining. Hopefully it clears up by this evening. 

I am also spending the day packing up! I am going to Hilton Head for a few days. My aunt, her husband and their three kids there are there all week so I'm going to go spend sometime with them! I have never been to Hilton Head and can't wait to see them!!

This is my cousin, Sutherlin, in Hilton Head. She is such a silly, sweet girl! She asked my aunt to take this picture of her for me!! How cute :)

They stopped through Charlotte this weekend, my Aunt used to live here so she wanted to catch up with friends and eat at her favorite Charlotte joint Lupie's! They have the most amazingly huge nachos! Since I was in Nashville, Keith went to dinner with them.

Keith and I went once before, due to my aunt's vocal love for it! It looks like a little hole in the wall and you feel like you are in a burger shack on the beach! For the life of me cannot find the picture I took of the nachos but they were HUGE. 

I also made some yummy chocolate chip cookies for them.. I know they're yummy because well, I already had one..okay two- oops! I should have taken pictures but this chocolate chip cookie making was a mess!! Well first our disposal broke last night (see picture below!!) and the maintenance man came while I was in my robe (Yikes! and another renting bonus. You don't have to fix what goes wrong!) baking cookies. 

Ran the dishwasher and it backed all the way up..overflowing!!

Then my kitchen-aid and I weren't agreeing with each other = flour nightmare. But they taste good so that's all that matters right?!

P.S. Love this tiered cookie sheet!! 
Question of the day:
Who are some of your bucket list musicians to go see?
Matchbox Twenty was one of mine! Darrius Rucker (would love to hear some old Hootie and the Blowfish hits), Tom Petty, and Eric Church!

Cheers, Whitney


  1. Ah! I am so jealous that you are seeing MatchBox 20 ! They are one of the musicians on my concert bucket list along with BluesTraveler, Sister Hazel and Dave Mathews Band. Have so much fun and take lots of pictures!

  2. Have some much fun tonight and in Hilton head! Ugh those chocolate chip cookies look amazing I would have had two too!! Haha! I hope for wonderful weather at the concert tonight and I hope that disposal is fixed now! Ours broke a few weeks ago and it was quite expensive to fix a small clog!