Wednesday, August 21, 2013

End of summer?

Well I think it's about that time.. All my teacher friends have started back, I have seen tons of 'first day of school' pictures, and the pool has become less enjoyable to me.. so I think it's safe to say summer is about over.
First I would like to say RIP to my water bottle. I dropped it at the pool last week. I can't find a crack but it leaks everywhere.

And I got two big bug bites at the pool today. No thank you.

I feel so lucky though to have had this summer to myself, travel to visit family and friends, pass my RD exam and relax! I have a nice tan and list of books read to prove it. 
Some of the highlights of my summer have been..
1. Passed my exam! I am officially a registered and licensed dietitian!
2. Went to a Microbrew Cruise at the White Water Center. It was the most amazing time and I really hope Keith and I can do it again. You kayak for about an hour and a half. Then you get served this amazing dinner, we had salmon, shrimp, vegetables and peach pie. There is also a featured microbrewery that comes in a talks about their beer and then gives samples. All campfire side.

3. Started this blog! I have loved sharing my experience and recipes. I'm so happy I started it.
4. Bachelorette parties!

Louisville, KY
Nashville, TN
&& three weddings

5. Hilton Head.. I had never been, it is absolutely gorgeous there! I loved spending quality time with my little nuggets too. And I obviously was pampered.

I'm sure I have a few pool days left in NC but I'm getting pretty excited for September.. Chillier weather, FOOTBALL, jeans & more weddings!

Cheers, Whitney

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  1. Yep! Summer seems over to me even though its pretty hot out!! I do hope I have a few weekends left to get my tan on! Haha! Sounds like you had a great and productive summer :) See you in just a few days pretty lady!