Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Photo Dump

One of my favorite bloggers Carrots 'n' Cake did a photo dump. A photo dump is where a blogger posts random pictures from their phone! I thought it was a lot of fun and made me laugh!!

I have to clean out my phone pictures a lot because I always run out of memory. But I still had so many I wanted to share!!

I have a million pictures of my cat on my phone but this is definitely one of my favorites! The one and only time we let him roam the car while we drove. He hated is and so did we.. hair everywhere!
My grandma's raspberry oreo cheesecake! Oh my goodness it's glorious, maybe i'll make it so ya'll can have the recipe. Anything my grandma makes is amazing. 
My aunt sent me this of my cousin Harper. I mean how can you not look at this and laugh!!

This is a screen shot of me in college walking to class in a blizzard!! I made it in the Cincinnati Enquirer and I made sure my parents saw it! I was a veryyyy dedicated college student. 
Last animal picture I promise but I have an obsession with puppies!! Especially golden retrievers. I mean how sweet is this face :)

For my best friend's bachelorette party this bar had money stapled everywhere. My middle name is Rae so I had to snap a picture of this. Whitney & Ray... Whitney Rae. Get it? Someone actually ended up tearing it down for me and I still have.. Oops. So hopefully Whitney & Ray don't go back looking for it!

This is a restaurant in Charleston, SC. We did not eat there but I had to grab this picture! My grandpa always tells this story about me telling my sister to give my grandpa a wet willie while he was sleeping! 
This picture didn't make it to my post when we had our Red Lobster date. He's really cute.
This is the preview we originally got of our engagement photos!! 

I am a huge fan of Bethennys. So when I was her first like I had to snap a pic.. CREEPER.
Okay this is like the worst quality picture ever but Keith's parents came to visit us. We went to a Bobcats basketball game. For half time the old cheerleaders came out to dance, they called themselves the Lady Cats or something.. it was hilarious!!  

This is me at my bachelorette party.. in the Toby Keith bar bathroom with my new best friend. Ha, I thought I was going to look just like her when I get older! I was silly but I really do think we look alike in this picture!

Okay last one! My best friend, Annah, and I always send pictures to each other. She LOVES the wrinkliest dogs so this was a must send. 
Question of the day:
What to play along? What random photos do you have on your phone?

Cheers, Whitney


  1. Love this!! So great!! That Lady was gorgeous and totally looks like you!! You still have that dollar?? That's so great! Hahaha! Um the raspberry Oreo cheesecake made my mouth water..yikes! My sweet tooth is craving to try that! Yum!!!

  2. Oh my gosh that pic of you and that lady hahaha! I love finding pictures just like that on my phone in the morning. :) I have lots of randoms on my phone. It's fun to go through :)