Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh happy day.

Rise and shine! I cannot believe it is Wednesday already!! 
Yesterday was a recovery day for me. The long weekend, distance run, and kayaking left me feeling sleepy!! I spent the day reading and applying to jobs. Last night Keith ran with me and we grilled out. We grilled chicken & I threw a together some more red potatoes we got at the farmer's market. They were delicious! I boiled them until soft, smashed them down. Poured light olive oil over them, salt, pepper, red onions and hot peppers! Delicious.

Tonight we have the John Mayer concert!! I have seen him twice before and he is my favorite artist. Whenever he tours I make sure we go see him. So I can barely contain my excitement! 

My sister and I at his concert, 2009 in Columbus, OH.

Keith, I and some college friends. 2009, Cincinnati, OH.

Aww, we look so young!

Question of the day:
Is there any artist that you see any time they tour?!

Cheers, Whitney

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