Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hit the Brixx 5k!!

This isn't my first 5k but it has been awhile! And this is the first 5k that I have actually trained and timed myself.

First 5k- 2009, University of Cincinnati Homecoming 5k
Second 5k- 2011, Susan G. Komen 5k

Third 5k- Today!! 2013, Hit the Brixx 5k

Last night we went to dinner with new friends and I spent some time stretching before bed! I woke up at 7 and had one slice of toast with peanut butter and water. The race is just a few miles up the road so we left the house to get there at 8, race started at 9am!!
I didn't really enjoy running alone but Keith stayed with me the whole time before and was a great cheerleader/photographer :)

It was surprisingly really chilly this morning and the only thing keeping us warm was the sunshine!!

Getting nervous and ready!!

Map my Run. My goal for today was under 30 minutes & I made it!!

I placed 107- but I forget out of how many (there were at least 550 participants in the 5k) and not sure what I placed in my age group! ..Note to self to take note of that next time!

Mmm potassium, Chiquita banana!

Free pizza, pasta, and microbrews afterwards! What a great reward for my first training accomplishment!!

Question of the day:
What do you think is a good reward after an accomplishment you've been working towards?
I think buying yourself something you've been holding out getting for awhile, such as a clothing or getting a concert ticket. Or FOOD! Mmm pizza.

Cheers, Whitney


  1. Congrats whit!!! That's so great!! A 5k is on my bucket list! I will do it someday haha! That's an awesome reward free food is always good!!

    1. Thanks Ame! You could do it! I definitely think training or doing it with someone is helpful and keeps you motivated!

  2. Do you have the upgraded version of map my run that you have to pay for? I have map my run but it doesn't show split times! I'm also too cheap to buy the upgrade.... Haha

    1. Hahaha I'm cheap too! I just have the free Map my Run app, I never noticed my splits down there until last week. You have to click stats, then it should have your splits!