Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Thankful Project: Day 13

We are almost half way through the Thankful Project! It's not too late to start. I have to say it is definitely a challenge. I'm trying to be creative and in depth with my posts!
Today we are writing about abilities we are thankful for. Usually I don't look at Kenzie's page until I finish my post or at least think of my topic. Well today I cheated.. I'll blame my groggy state of mind and reading blog posts still laying in bed this morning. Well I have decided to borrow her unique idea and write 28 abilities that I am thankful for! I mean I love lists and there are too many things to be thankful for to just pick one!
I am thankful for the ability to..

  1. Smile
  2. Make other people laugh
  3. Enjoy food
  4. Run
  5. Read
  6. Cook
  7. Care for my husband
  8. Volunteer
  9. Continue learning
  10. Listen to music
  11. Speak
  12. Love
  13. Spend time with friends & family
  14. Write this blog
  15. Decorate my home
  16. Sleep
  17. Smell candles
  18. Style myself
  19. Take a bath
  20. Multitask
  21. Capture moments with a camera
  22. 'Sing & Dance'
  23. Enjoy silence
  24. Go to church
  25. See 20/20
  26. Take care of my husband and furry child
  27. Go outdoors
  28. Live everyday!
Cheers, Whitney


  1. I love this one!!! You picked the best abilities for sure but you forgot to say being a great friend!!!! Miss you whit!! :)

    1. That's too sweet Ame! Yes I did forget that one :) Miss you more!