Friday, November 22, 2013

The Thankful Project: Day 22

An expectation I am thankful for, is the expectation to live a healthy life. This is an expectation I have for myself. Also, as a dietitian I think that it is an expectation as a professional to be able to speak on behalf of living a healthy, active life. Who would take advice from a dietitian you see at an unhealthy weight or eating a plate full of fried food? I'm not saying I eat like a rabbit. Or that I don't enjoy myself and enjoy the foods that I like, even if they have no nutritional value.

However I expect myself to try new things, keep up on my vegetable intake, and enjoy physical activity a few times a week. That way I can live a long, healthier life for myself and my family!

Some things that keep me in check are:
  • Buying healthy food! I hate to waste food so if I buy, you bet its gonna be eaten. 
  • Writing down my physical activity goals for the week. It helps keep me accountable.
  • Following food/health blogs. I usually subscribe via email to blogs that I like so when I get that email I'm reminded to keep up.
  • Indulge in a craving. If I'm craving an Oreo, I'll have an Oreo. I won't eat a whole row, only a few, to satisfy my craving without binge eating them all later.
  • Try to eat at home as much as possible. Then you know how the food is prepared and what you are eating! Plus, it's budget friendly!
  • If I'm eating out I'll make sure to have some vegetables.. For example, if I'm getting a sandwich I'll make sure to get steamed veggies on the side rather than french fries. If I'm at Chipotle you can bet I'm gonna get their amazing sour cream but Ill ask for some extra salsa or fajita vegetables. Ordering pizza? Load up on the vegetables.
  • ..or if i'm eating out I'll save some for later. An awesome trick is asking for a box when you get your meal. So you can pack half of it up without being tempted to keep picking at it!
Do you have any tricks or tips that keep your eating habits in check throughout the week.

Cheers, Whitney

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