Monday, November 18, 2013

Thunder Road Half Marathon

Well folks.. it happened!! Fifteen weeks of training and I completed my first half marathon!!!

It was a beautiful morning for a run- cool, cloudy and no wind! Unfortunately, the week of my race my knee started to cause me pain. I stayed off of it and biked the week before. But on the second mile the pain hit me! I was hoping it wouldn't flare up that soon. But it was a pretty hilly course (it said rolling hills, but I think it was more of rolling mountains!!) so I think that triggered it faster. I worked through it and only made a few stops to stretch it out. And with a few bathroom breaks, I still made a decent finish time!

Keith, as always was an amazing photographer and cheerleader!!

TONS of people there. It was amazing. 

Keith got to witness a wedding propasal. How sweet it this!!


Cheers, Whitney

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