Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Thankful Project: Day 26

Criticism I am thankful for is, criticism is for my writing. 
Let me start from the beginning. English has never been my best subject, but I've always gotten by. Well when I got into college, you know those essays you have to write after you get accepted? Well I wrote mine. And when I went to orientation and was scheduling my classes, I couldn't schedule my English course! I got all bent out of shape and had no idea why! I found out that I didn't meet the word requirement for the essay (oops!). Well I tried to appeal it but it didn't work.. I ended up having to take a 4 hour bridge English course my freshman year. It ended up being the easiest A I've ever gotten but it still didn't make me feel that great.

Fast forward to my senior year when I was applying to Dietetic Internships. Like I've said before, the process is grueling and hard to explain. But for every place you apply you have to write a personal statement. Which is just a glorified essay saying why they should pick you and what you can offer their program. Besides your grades and extracurricular activities, this is the largest piece they judge you on. For me this was terrifying. I knew my writing wasn't great and I had to stick out with my writing.. in a good way!

Well I didn't get accepted anywhere in the first application process. So I applied to a few openings with the University of Cincinnati's program. My professors were grading our statements, so luckily they knew my work ethic and have seen what I am capable of in class. I thankfully got accepted but this was after my professor/Dietetic Intern Coordinator expressed her concerns for my writing. Dietitian's have to chart in clinical work and she was worried I wouldn't be able to express my findings in writing clearly. I just cried right there. How was writing, one of the first things we learn, holding me back? I agreed to take a few beginning courses over the summer before my internship started. I think that it really helped and made me more conscious of my writing. I continued to focus on my writing portions throughout my internship. I actually got complimented a lot on the clarity and thoroughness of my charting.

And look at me now. Successfully completed my internship and have this blog!! That is one thing that held me back at first from starting a blog and putting myself out there, through one of my vulnerabilities. I feel so much more confident now and I am so thankful for my growth.

Cheers, Whitney

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