Monday, November 18, 2013

The Thankful Project: Day 18

I am thankful for the choice and freedom to move. I have to admit that I could never up and move to a different state, from home, alone. For people who do, I truly admire that. I just am not someone that can meet new people without a security blanket, aka a friend or my husband.

When I went to college, I moved two and a half hours from home. It wasn't like I ever dreamed of getting far from home. But going to college a little farther than most, to a big city, with some of my best friends.. I just couldn't wait. I really loved all that a city had to offer; tons of opportunity, lots of different people, and you never run out of something to do. While I did get home sick, I liked my new life and freedom I made away from home.

When Keith and I had the opportunity to move... Again this wasn't always a huge dream of mine to jump states as soon as a I graduated. But I welcomed the opportunity. We were lucky to have our parents support and our close friend's support. We are the only friends of mine that have actually moved far from home. So sometimes I feel secluded or like I'm missing something. And I'm not saying I would ever consider moving back closer to home. However, I love our life here and I love this state!! Again it's given us lots of opportunities, amazing new places to adventure and we've met some awesome new people. It's fun and a true blessing, discovering more with your husband and starting from scratch somewhere new!!

Have you ever made a big, brave move away from home?

Cheers, Whitney

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