Monday, November 25, 2013

The Thankful Project: Day 25

I'm thankful for knowing how to be a sister. And I am thankful for my sister.

My sister and I are three years a apart. I am definitely the more outgoing, louder, attention seeking one; while my sister is smarter, creative and shy. When she was born, I was always trying to steal her thunder and 'regressed' trying to be like her to get the attention (See below).

Of course we fought like sisters, and sadly I was kind of a bully big sister. However when I went to high school, when we eventually started to work together, and when we cheered together- we really got a long and became close. I always wanted to stick up for her, make sure she was okay, and borrow her clothes! That's what sisters are for right?!

For having quite different personalities, we still have a lot in common. And living in different states definitely has not hindered our relationship. She has taught me to be protective and mindful, so I am forever grateful for that. I hope most people get to experience the joy of a sibling and that bond.  

If you have a sibling, do you you cherish your relationship?

Cheers, Whitney

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