Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Thankful Project: Day 14

I'm thankful for the blessing of my husband's job. Even though I'm not the one going to his job everyday, I am extremely thankful for it. Keith was blessed to have gotten a co-op with Chiquita after his sophomore year while at the University of Cincinnati. He continued to co-op with them until his senior year. They then announced that they will be moving their head quarters from Cincinnati, OH to Charlotte, NC. Keith was graduating over the summer and they were moving that summer-fall. He was offered a full time position if we decided to move. We definitely talked it over and weighed our options. We decided it was a good move for us so we packed up and moved!! Keith continues to work with them, and enjoys his job. He has been blessed to get a few promotions over the past year which has allowed us to get a house, live comfortably, and let me continue my search for job.

Free bananas every week is a plus too!!

Chiquita sponsored Despicable Me 2. So they had an early premier of the movie, in 3-D for employees and their families! 

Cheers, Whitney

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