Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Thankful Project: Day 6

A failure I am thankful for is not getting into nursing school. 
All of high school and my first year in college I wanted to be a nurse. That was my major, that is the program I looked at on all my college visits, I knew there were a lot of jobs available in that field and I had the strong passion to help others! After my first year of college, over summer break, I found out I didn't get into the program at the University of Cincinnati. I was so devastated but I knew it was a competitive program. So I had some options to consider; change my major, take a few classes over and try again next year, leave UC and apply to other nursing programs. To me leaving UC wasn't an option. I had joined a sorority, created bonds with friends, loved the city and enjoyed being a little ways from home. And retaking classes seemed so daunting, and failure was possible again. So I decided to change my major. I chose nutrition where the nursing prerequisites still counted and I would still be in a medical profession where I could help others and change their lives! I am thankful for this failure and change of career path. I realized how much nutrition and health meant to my life and now I can make changes in other people's!

How is your HUMP day?
It is an absolutely perfect day here in NC. Sunshine, high of 70, beautiful trees. I got up early for a short run (3 miles.. 10 days from my half marathon!) and went to hot yoga. Now enjoying the day!!
What is a failure you're thankful for?

Cheers, Whitney

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  1. This a tough one but man you definitely made the right decision! You are so good at what you do!! :) and you met your husband at cinci!! Thank goodness you didn't leave!!